There's a lot that goes into a successful website or app. And we ought to know,
because we do all of it. Papertelevision is a full web production studio – prepared,
proven and pumped about getting your story told.

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Dozens of happy clients. Countless projects Launched. One DNA.


Brand positioning, identity design, and user experience planning round out our marketing expertise. We put in the leg work to make sure your idea is optimally positioned to dominate the world, and we do it with your feedback in mind at each and every step.

Design & UX

Pixel perfect web design, app design, and copywriting ensure that your product is a fully polished beast. Get ready to wipe the floors with your competitors, or, if that’s too dramatic, make some jaws drop, you know—floorward.



Beauty and brains is how we roll. We currently offer tip-top iOS, Ruby on Rails & Wordpress development. Along the way, we’ll take care of every detail and prep for a stable, search engine ready release of your responsive website or mobile application.


Design & UX



We wouldn’t be much if not for the dozens of relationships we’ve formed over the years.

We work hand in hand with our clients to create some truly amazing products.

Client Profile Project

Project Bly brings the world’s bazaars directly to your doorstep. Click to see how Papertelevision helped.

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Josh Sears Design & Marketing

Founder of Papertelevision, Josh is also the lead Creative Director on every project that comes through our virtual doors. Having worked with clients like Notre Dame, RocketHub, and Project Bly on multi-tier projects, he’s nabbed recognition from the likes of TechCrunch, ABC News, the Today Show, and Wired magazine. Neat!

With a background in marketing and a creative dude through and through, Josh oversees each project from conception, to successful launch.

Matt Sears Developer

Matt Sears was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio and spent most of his childhood drawing and painting. He ventured into the digital world by earning a degree in computer science and business, and founded Littlelines, a Ruby on Rails development studio, in 2007.

A proud Ruby on Rails engineer, these days Matt strives to combine the high-tech with the aesthetically pleasing. When he is not running Littlelines like a pro he enjoys bike rides with his lady and sharing Instagram shots of his dogs Simon and Griffin.

Colin Dullaghan Writing & Strategy

Since his earliest days as a zygote19, Colin has displayed admirable acumen14 and has so far written a phalanx21 of campaigns, taglines, websites and names for clients in industries including retail, banking, consulting, healthcare, publishing, professional services and not-for-profit. Oh, and he'll *destroy* you in Words With Friends.

Colin is a master of words and adds that crucial, final polish to every project.

Evan Hunt Photographer

It was the romance of aviation that led Evan to love the art of shaping light and movement into a venture for storytelling. Evan began his photography career in the music industry, traveling the nation photographing some of the largest acts in the world on large commercial sets for major record labels.

Evan also extends his exceptional talent to our projects, including the photos you see throughout this site.

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